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SMMC reminds public of no photo, no video policy

SMMC reminds public of no photo, no video policy

CAY HILL: In an effort to ensure patient privacy at all times, St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) reminds the public that it is not allowed to take any photos or videos while on SMMC premises, this includes the parking lot.

“We have noticed that persons are increasingly taking photos and/or videos of patients (or alleged patients) of SMMC, especially while patients are being admitted to the Emergency Room. We want to implore on your civic duty to respect the privacy of others”, stated SMMC’s Medical Director Dr. Felix Holiday.

Persons making photos or videos while on SMMC premises will be requested to leave the premises as SMMC endorses a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violation of patients’ privacy. In case you do receive photos or videos of this nature, SMMC requests you to not share these with others and delete immediately upon receipt.

SMMC medical staff and ambulance workers are routinely outfitted in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gear these days in precaution to possible COVID-19 exposure and although this might create “excitement” for some, we ask you to refrain from breaching our privacy policies”, implored Dr. Holiday.

“Ask yourself the question how you would feel if you, a family member or a friend was a patient and your privacy would be violated in this manner”, concluded Dr. Holiday.

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