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Your Prenatal Checkups

Having a baby is a very important event in life. Therefore you, your partner, your pregnancy and your baby matter to us. We offer professional care and coaching in this exciting period.

We Look forward to welcoming you.

Your Prenatal Plan

  • Your family physician will refer you to the obstetrics/gynecology department.
  • On your first visit, at approximately 10 weeks of pregnancy, you will be attended by the midwife or the obstetrician/gynecologist (Ob-Gyn).
  • All pre-natal check-ups will be performed by the midwives if you are of low risk factors. That will be determined throughout the pregnancy.
  • Your medical history will be assessed at the first visit.
  • By means of an ultrasound scan (which is safe for the baby) the length of the baby, and therefore the length of your pregnancy, and due date will be determined early in pregnancy.
  • A blood test will be done at your first visit and later on if necessary (you will get the results at your next prenatal care appointment).
  • Your blood pressure will be measured at every check-up and a urine test will be done if necessary.
  • You will receive an update of your medical situation with every visit.
  • In the late pregnancy, it is necessary to intensify your check-up.
  • You will receive information from your midwife or Ob-Gyn when to be alerted in your pregnancy and when to call or come to the hospital.
  • At 20 weeks pregnancy, an ultrasound scan will be performed to check for abnormalities. Often, the sex of the baby can be determined as well at this stage.
  • In the 3rd trimester, an ultrasound scan will be performed to determine the growth and position of the baby.
  • In preparation for your delivery at 36 weeks, a vaginal swap will be performed to exclude infection.
  • In the course of pregnancy, the probable mode of delivery will become clear. It will be explained to you. In case of a caesarian section, an appointment will be made with the Ob-Gyn who will discuss the procedure and reason with you.

We welcome your questions and take time to explain everything to you and your partner to ensure you feel comfortable and well prepared to welcome your baby.

Your Support System

In your pregnancy you will need your family and friends for support.

Feel free to get information from books, magazines and the internet.

Your Ob-Gyn or midwife will provide you with more information.

You may opt for prenatal information and relaxation classes and/or yoga lessons.

You may also opt for post-natal help at home from the white and yellow cross.

What you can expect of us

Continuity of care at the highest level according to the latest medical recommendations.

A well equipped outpatient and inpatient department with skilled personnel.

A safe environment for your prenatal, intra partum and postpartum care.

An obstetric department that will take care of you throughout your pregnancy in a transparent way.

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