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What is an elastomeric pump?

It is a light weight disposable pump that can be used to give medications such as chemotherapy.

It is a balloon pump that squeezes the chemotherapy out of the balloon through the tubing into your blood stream. The pump enables you to receive the chemotherapy safely and comfortably in your home.

With little adjustment, you can go out and work when having the pump on.

How does it work?

The pump is filled with medication prescribed by your oncologist.

The product immediately starts delivering medication once it is connected to your catheter/port and will continue until it is empty or disconnected.

The pump slowly gives you the chemotherapy by pumping the medication into your blood stream. It runs at a set rate and does not need programming and/or batteries.

How do I care for the pump at home?

  • The pump should be carried at waist level (in a pouch around the waist. The pump will run in any position; upside down or side ways).
  • The pump should be kept at room temperature. It runs faster as it gets warmer and slower if it is too cold.
  • Always keep the connector taped to your skin.
  • Make sure the tubing is not kinked and the claps are open.
  • Look at the balloon 2-3 times each day to check if the pump is working. Over time the balloon should be getting smaller.
  • Place the pump on the bed next to you or on a chair next to the bed when you sleep.
  • Place the pump on a stool or chair next to the tub when you take a bath.
  • Do not participate in contact sport with the pump on.

How should I carry the pump?

The nurse has instructed you that the Luer Lock Connector should always be taped to your skin at approximately the same level as the top of the device.

How do I know that the pump is empty?

When the balloon inside the bottle is empty, you can see the small bumps on the balloon (empty indicator buttons) you will be given an appointment to have your pump disconnected or changed at the hospital before it is empty.

What if I need help home?

Most patients have no problems with the infusion pump. You will be given instructions on what to do if problems arise and how to get help during the day and after Clinic hours.

If you need to go to the emergency room, make sure you bring all the information you have been given on your chemotherapy and the pump with you.

When should I call my contact person?

  • When you notice that the expiration date on the label has passed.
  • The medication does not appear to be flowing as expected (the size of the balloon is not changing as expected).
  • The infusor is leaking.
  • Medication comes in contact with your skin.
  • The elastomeric balloon has burst.

What should I do if the pump leaks?

  • Close all the clamps.
  • Place the pump in a plastic bag.
  • Call the contact person immediately for instructions.
  • Follow the instructions you where given.
  • If any of the medication has come in contact with your skin, immediately wash your skin with soapy water.

What should I do if the medication is not flowing?

  • Remember that the pump is very slow.
  • Check to see that the tubing is not kinked.
  • If you are concerned, call your contact person.

Conditions that can influence flow rate:

Pump Height:

  • Ensure the top of the device is carried as close as possible to the same level as your catheter/port.


  • If using an infusor, ensure that the Luer lock connector is taped to your skin
  • Ensure device remains at room temperature.
  • Do not expose device to extreme heat or cold (Flow rate will decrease -2.3 % per 1”C decrease in temperature and will increase – 2.3% per 1”C increase in temperature).

Frequent Asked Questions:

The infusor device should not be submerged or exposed to a direct stream of water. Place the infusor in a plastic bag or on a flat surface outside the shower/bath.

Place the infusor at approximately the same level to where the device connects to your port. The device can be placed on its side under your pillow.

It is acceptable to exercise with the infusor as long as the product remains close to room temperature and is not exposed to water. Avoid contact sports.

The device is safe to use around pets, but ensure that it is protected from chewing and playing.

The infusor can be utilized during everyday activities (e.g. cooking) as long as the device is in a location where it can remain at room temperature and is not exposed to extreme heat or cold. Keep the device out of direct sunlight.

It is safe to travel on planes that have pres- surized cabins.

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