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Special Visiting Privileges


Visiting patients outside the scheduled visiting hours is upon request and at the discretion of the ward supervisor. For surgical patients, an exception is made for the immediate family members to visit them prior to and after surgery.

Special permission to stay with a seriously ill patient may be requested. In this particular situation one (1) visitor at a time is allowed at the bedside.

An “extra” visitor’s card can be issued to a patient’s relative who may have the need to visit a patient in general and semi private rooms outside of regular visiting hours. Patients would be informed if eligible for this privilege.

If you are visiting a private room, also called a 1st class room, are the parent of a newborn or have a child admitted at the Pediatric Ward, please identify yourself to the Security Guard who will allow you to visit the patient outside of regular visiting hours.

Spiritual Care

SMMC recognizes and respects the religious faiths of its patients and visitors. Pastors of the island’s main religious denominations are permitted to visit members of their congregations at their bedsides. An ID badge can be requested, to be used for regular visiting.

Rooming in

The spouse of a patient or parent of a child on the pediatric ward can choose to stay overnight and a cot is provided when this is available. When rooming in please observe the following guidelines:

  • Cellular phones are allowed. However the phone must be turned off from 9pm to 7am.
  • Radios with ear phones are preferred. Otherwise the sound must be kept as low as possible and between 9:00pm and 7:00am all radios must be turned off.
  • The television set is turned off at 10pm. For special events only, the TV set will be kept on for a specific period of time at the discretion of the nurse in charge.
  • The room lighting is turned off at 10pm. However, the nurse may turn it off earlier if the situation warrants such.

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