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Social Work and Dialysis

When you are diagnosed with a kidney disease there may be many changes in your family life, at home and at your workplace and dealing with these changes may bring feelings of fear and worries. This can be overwhelming.

A conversation with our social worker can help put things in perspective and help you find possibilities and solutions.

Our social worker works closely with the doctors/specialist and other aid workers and will help assist that your overall treatment plan fits your lifestyle.

There may be government or community agencies that provide services which are beneficial to you. Our social worker will help identify which services are offered that fits your or your family needs and how to obtain them. The Social worker can also play a supportive role in identifying sources of emotional support for you if you need this.

For whom is the Social Work Service at SMMC meant?

Not only you, the patient, but also your partner, children or family members can make use of the assistance of social work services.

You can ask your nurse or specialist to get in contact with the medical social worker when you encounter problems associated with your illness.

What can you expect from our Social Worker?

The social worker can help you clarify your feelings and problems and help you to develop skills in order to deal with your disease or condition and the practical and emotional consequences.


Because of the treatment it is necessary to exchange information with the other aid workers involved in your treatment plan. Please know that the social worker is obliged to maintain patient confidentiality. Information that you give cannot be passed to others outside the hospital, without your consent.


The social worker asses your psychological and social situation by talking with you and possibly others from your area. This can be important in further treatment.

Guidance and Treatment

Your illness may result in social, emotional and relational problems. Our social worker helps you process and accept your illness and can help you and your family improve your quality of life.


Our social worker works closely with specialists, dialysis nurses, dietitians and other practitioners to reach an comprehensive treatment plan and can mediate with authorities outside the hospital.

Areas of the social work

Our social work department is active in the whole hospital, both on clinical and outpatient departments.

Cost of medical social work

There are no extra costs for the aid of social work it is included in the basic care given by the Sint Maarten Medical Center.

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