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Nursing is a profession within the health care sector, focused on the care of individuals, families and communities so they may attain, maintain optimal health and quality of life.

Some qualities that make up great nurses:

  • Sense of humor-There are times when we have a darker humor than others, but we have experienced things in our professional life that would not be complete without the sarcastic or funny comment. It keeps us going in the tough times.
  • Professionalism—Nursing professionalism and ethics should always be applied in our daily practices. It is comforting to work with professionals on a daily basis.
  • Diligence—We work hard on our job, 8, 10 or 12 hours a day, especially if our colleague call in sick. Still, we have the energy to go home to our families and are up and running to do it again the next day.
  • Compassion—Nurses got it. Someone tells us a sad story or has a chronic illness, that we may not have experienced, but we understand and seem to know what to say and do to give help and comfort.
  • Sense of deeper understanding to life—We have seen some of the worst parts of life; dealt with patients death, so we understand and appreciate the true important aspects of life.
  • Sense of hope for what others may seem as hopeless—Nurses are great in spreading the positive vibes in the community. It is not something we were taughtjust something we simply are!
  • Sense in pride in saying “I’m a nurse”—Nurses are always quick and proud to say, loud and clear “I’m a nurse”. And why not? Look at our wonderful personalities and all we do for others each day.
  • Able to keep confidentiality at all times—“Great nurses, consider nursing as your vocation and more than just a profession”.

Emergency Nursing

Working in the emergency department is a fast moving environment. Emergency nurses are considered to be ‘the front line’ of patient care.

We, the nurses, are facing many challenges every day. We work as part of a team, evaluating and treating patients who have suffered a minor or major trauma, prioritizing the urgency of their care and providing emotional support to the patient and their family.

Emergency nurses need to have a broad set of skills to be familiar with a range of illnesses and able to think quickly. In one minute, it could be a person who has been involved in a major car accident, next, an elderly persons with a seizure, a sick child with a high fever or a pregnant lady with vaginal bleeding.

Emergency nurses could be responsible for resuscitating patients, triaging and treating less urgent patients, providing care and treatment for their injuries or illnesses and providing the evaluation and support needed for a patient to return home. This nurse can be a member of disaster teams, assisting at the scene of major car accidents or disasters.

An emergency nurse needs to act with a huge degree of autonomy and have the ability to initiate treatment, at the same time educate and support patients and their family.

The type of cases that a nurse encounters in an emergency room:

  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Work related accident
  • Burns
  • Acts of violence
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Accidental swallowing or ingestion of a foreign object
  • Drug abuse
  • Health related illnesses
  • Accidental falls

All ER nurses should be familiar with the policies of the hospital and facility they work in, as well as have a clear understanding of the proper medical/hospital procedures and protocols necessary to operate ethically, effectively and efficiently in their health care setting.

Because the emergency medical field is a fast paced environment, ER nurses must do a good job utilizing their abilities and must possess good time management skills.

Nurses who are able to properly manage their time, effectively multitask and prioritize their responsibilities, have a better time completing their duties in a timely manner and maintain confidence in critical situations.

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