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Planning your hospital stay

You can know what to expect and bring for your stay at SMMC by visiting the sections below which are most relevant for you.

Where it is not possible to avoid bring credit cards, jewelry, money (more than $20) or other valuables, please secure these items. SMMC does not take responsibility for valuables lost.

Patient Dietary Information

If you are being admitted as a patient, your attending physician will inform SMMC about any special dietary needs your condition requires. If however, you already follow a specific diet, e.g. if you are diabetic, adhere to a salt-less or vegetarian diet, please inform the staff during your admission process. Also, please inform the staff of any particular foods or condiments you wish to avoid due to religious practices or health consequences such as allergies.
       Patient meals are served as follows:
        Served between 8.00 am and 8:30 am.
      Served between 12.00 and 12: 15pm.
       Served between 5:00 and 5:15 pm.

              Water and juices are served additionally between meals


Please note that hospitalized patients, especially those on medically required diets, must have physician’s approval to eat any food other than what is served in their rooms.

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