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Companies are welcomed to pre-register for profession related Essential Upgrade Projects. 

Please complete the form below to pre-register, or send an Email to and indicate clearly which projects you are interested in. 

The Project Management Unit will confirm your pre-registration in the database via Email. 

Once the project is available for tender you will automatically receive the necessary documentation via Email.  Please check the Essential Upgrades Project Status for updates on estimated availabilities of tender documents.

Tender Period

Please refer to the Invitation to Quote and Terms of Reference for the specific deadlines.

Interested Participants will be given approximately one (1) week to review the Invitation to Quote, Terms of Reference, and any other supporting documentation.  A deadline, typically one (1) week later, will be provided for asking questions regarding the project.  All questions will be answered in the Summary of Additional Information which will be distributed via Email to all tender participants.  It is the responsibility of the tender participant to ensure that the Summary of Additional Information is received; if it has not been received by the date provided in the Invitation to Quote please contact the PMU immediately.  After the Summary of Additional Information, participants will have time to prepare bids according to the Invitation to Quote, Terms of Reference, and Summary of Additional Information. 


Bid Submission / Opening

Specific details regarding the manner in which bids are to be submitted and by what date will be included in the Invitation to Quote and the Terms of Reference.  Please read through these documents carefully as they provide crucial information for a successful bid submission.

At the time of the deadline, representatives from the companies participating in the bid will be welcomed to join in the Opening Ceremony together with the SMMC Project Management Unit and Legal Counsel.

Important Note: Any bid, for any reason, that is received after the deadline provided to the tender participants will be rejected and will therefore not be considered in the bidding process.



The Evaluation process varies based on the type of Project up for tender; the criteria will be clearly outlined in the invitation to Quote and Terms of Reference.  The evaluation of bids is based on the criteria set forth in the Invitation to Quote, Terms of Reference, and Summary of Additional Information including price, ability to meet the required delivery requirements, availability, cost of maintenance services and spare parts over a reasonable period of use.

The Evaluation process can take anywhere between 5 to 21 working days. 

Once the evaluation process has been completed, all participants will be notified via Email of the successful party and contract amount.


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