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Dear Men, Do you have the Metabolic Syndrome?

Dear Men, Do you have the Metabolic Syndrome?

In our community there is a common health disorder that is hiding in plain sight among a great number of men in our community. Doctors see it in their practice on a regular: men continuously struggling to lead healthy lifestyles; men who have metabolic syndrome.

Fortunately, the metabolic syndrome is not a disease, but a health crisis affecting many men on the island. The metabolic syndrome increases the risk of many chronic illnesses in men and women alike. Unfortunately, men are less likely to take necessary actions to prevent conditions that are influenced by the metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a group of characteristics namely obesity, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, and high triglycerides (high cholesterol).

Individually each characteristic pose a threat to your overall state of health. However, three or more of the following characteristics, puts you in the category of metabolic syndrome and increases your risks of developing serious, long-term diseases.  

The characteristics of the metabolic syndrome are usually the direct cause of certain traits, conditions, or bad habits that increase your chance of developing a disease. These are known as your metabolic risk factors.

Men that regularly practice bad habits such as smoking, little to no physical activity and maintaining an unhealthy diet, increase their risk factor to developing the metabolic syndrome and everything that follows thereafter.  An increase in age and obesity are also contributors to the metabolic risk factors worse.

Alone, each of these risk factors carries its own set of problems. In combination, they can double your risk of blood vessel and heart disease— which can lead to heart attacks and strokes—and multiply the risk of diabetes.

Luckily, the metabolic syndrome can be prevented or even reversed.  With a few changes to your current lifestyle, you can reduce your chances of developing this condition. For example, regular checkups with your family doctor can bring attention to any immediate concerns. By working closely with your doctor a proper treatment plan can be put in place to reduce or eliminate the primary problems.

Taking a stand against metabolic syndrome with realistic lifestyle changes and proper medicinal treatment not only delays the onset of serious health issues, but also halts the development of serious diseases in the future. Successfully controlling the metabolic syndrome requires long-term effort and teamwork with your health care provider, and your loved ones.

June is Men’s Health Month. So this week the St. Maarten Medical Center brings awareness to the important of our Men’s Health to the community.  We start the awareness with an information-filled campaign aiming to promote self-care and to encourage a healthier lifestyle. All week long, in recognition of Wear Blue day on June 16th, we will be focusing on men’s health and contributing to the conversation. We encourage you to join our campaign and encourage men to focus on their health.

Check out our Facebook page for more insight and join us on Friday, June 16th, 2017 by wearing blue and supporting Men’s Health.

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