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ObGyn Registered Nurses Complete Cardiology Course

ObGyn Registered Nurses Complete Cardiology Course

In June, OBGYN registered nurses received certificates for a course completed earlier this year.  The nurses followed a theoretical and practical upgrading/refresher course instructing on the use of the cardiotocograph machine; analyzing of the cardiotocography recordings and knowing how to respond to abnormal recordings. The objective of the course was to educate the registered nurses to analyze cardiotocography recordings more effectively.


Cardiotocography is the monitoring of a baby in the mother’s womb with a machine, whereby electrodes or bands are placed around the mother’s belly (external monitoring) or by insertion through the vagina, on the baby’s scalp (internal monitoring).


With the purchase of our high tech cardiotocograph machine, the nurses and specialists are more equipped to analyze high risk situations, in order to improve medical/nursing care. This cardiotocograph machine is one of the most advanced models than what was used in the past. It can be used in quadruple pregnancies, monitoring all four babies.


The previous and still functioning machine could only be used to do external fetal monitoring. External monitoring is also possible with this high technological cardiotocograph machine. However, the machine provides direct contact with the baby in order to monitor heart rate and activity. It also allows for direct monitoring of contractions during labor. The internal monitoring of the baby and monitoring of the mother’s contractions is more precise than external monitoring and is thus used for high risk pregnancies. 


This training was facilitated by Dr. A. Callo. Since the training, staff has already made use of the machine. They are satisfied and comfortable with this new equipment to provide safe and accurate monitoring during pregnancy. SMMC’s gynecologists will continue to upgrade their staff to ensure excellence in care to the OB/GYN patients.  




Some of ObGyn Registered Nurses with Certificates and Dr. Callo (far right)

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