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Renovation and Resiliency Projects

Renovation & Resiliency Projects funded by the Dutch Government and managed by the World Bank


In terms of the impact of Hurricane Irma on the existing hospital, services were limited for several days and the hospital gradually regained part of its service capacity. However, precarious conditions remained. For example, the fire detection system and generator were not functional. Out-of-country referrals increased as well as the increased use of containers for storage and work spaces. These impacts further underlined the critical need for the new hospital to be designed with a structure and features that increased the hospital’s ability to withstand category 5 plus hurricane level winds (200mph+) and to adequately prepare for and mitigate disaster impacts so as to provide continuity of care in the context of disasters.

Based on the urgent need of assistance, a grant has been made available to the SMMC for the Hospital Resiliency and Preparedness Project. This is because Sint Maarten is responding to a natural disaster and preparing for imminent weather events during the ongoing hurricane season.  The World Bank and Sint Maarten recognized the urgency of initiating emergency response efforts in light of the risks presented by the ongoing hurricane season and prepared the project in an expedited manner.

In total, we expect to have 15 World Bank projects up for public tender. The projects consist of the purchase of goods, several civil work projects in the field of construction, renovation and technical installation works.

In order for you to participate or if you are interested to participate in one of our World Bank Projects, we invite you to pre-register your company in the link below. Our Project Management Unit (PMU) will keep you updated an informed when the projects that you are interested in come up for tender and will able to send you the tender documents.

For further project information please check this webpage under Projects

For the project information please check this webpage under Project overview/status



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