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Our Anesthesiology Clinic provides essential medical services for patients undergoing surgery or other medical procedures including local and general anesthesia and epidurals. The clinic is staffed by anesthesiologists, who are trained to manage pain and ensure the safe and effective administration of anesthesia during surgical and other medical procedures. Patients can expect a thorough evaluation and personalized care plan, which may include the use of local, regional, or general anesthesia, as well as pain management techniques to manage pain and discomfort during and after their procedure. The anesthesiology team works closely with other members of the medical staff, such as surgeons and nurses, to ensure the safe and successful outcome of each procedure.

Recently, we also opened our Pain Management Clinic, which specializes in the treatment and management of chronic pain. Our Anesthesiologists/Pain Management Specialists perform various interventional pain management procedures such as TENS therapy, S ketamine infusions, and facet, nerve, sacroiliac, intercostal nerve, and spinal nerve root blocks.

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For appointments, please contact our Pain Management Clinic at +1 (721) 543-1111 ext 1378.

Medical Specialist

  Dr. Yelena George - Anesthesiologist

Dr. Yelena George

Specialty: Clinical coordinator - ICU
Years in service at SMMC: 18

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Dr. Karen Schmid - Anesthesiologist

Dr. K. Schmid

Chavke Getrouw

Dr. C. Getrouw

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