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Planning your hospital stay

Planning your hospital stay

You can know what to expect and bring for your stay at SMMC by visiting the sections below which are most relevant for you.

Where it is not possible to avoid bring credit cards, jewelry, money (more than $20) or other valuables, please secure these items. SMMC does not take responsibility for valuables lost.

Planning stay

  • Rooming Accommodations
  • Patient Services
  • Private rooms, or first class rooms, are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. There is only one patient in a private room. Your partner or a support person is allowed to room in with you if you have a private room.
  • Semi-private rooms, or second class rooms, are assigned to two patients at a time. Open-ward rooms, or third class rooms, are assigned to maximum five patients at a time.
  • Internet Connectivity - Wireless Internet connection is available for patients who have laptop computers.
  • Spiritual Care - Upon admission you will be asked your religion, you will need to indicate whether you wish to be visited by a Pastor during their regular visits. Please notify your nurse if you would like to speak with a minister or priest outside of their regular visits.
  • Telephones - Patients may have their cellular phones in their rooms, however, phone must be turned off between 9:00pm and 7:00am. Also, nurses will indicate whether it is necessary to switch off your phones additionally, if circumstances require it

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